I work as a sales rep for another company. Can I promote my service on Pepperlane?

If you have signed up as a sales representative for a direct sales, or multi-level-marketing company, we want to first say…GO YOU! It’s hard to start something new, particularly something out of your comfort zone. With that said, building a business on Pepperlane is different than being a sales rep. As a sales rep, you offer excellent customer service for your clients when they buy a product from you.  At Pepperlane, the product is the service that you offer, and while you might recommend or sell products along with your service (like plants if you are a gardener), first and foremost you are providing a service.

For example, if you sign up to offer services as a wardrobe stylist on Pepperlane, the expectation is that you would suggest to your clients  all relevant and appropriate brands of clothing and accessories. In contrast, if you are a sales rep for a company, and that is your main motivation, the expectation is that you would only recommend their product. The same goes for jewelry, homeopathic care, home goods and furnishings, etc. 

Being a sales rep for a direct-sales company doesn’t mean that you can’t offer services on Pepperlane, it just means that if you do, you need to be willing to be unbiased in your product recommendations. Another way to think about it: If you provide services on Pepperlane, your primary goal is to offer excellent and exceptional services to your clients and customers. You may happen to be a sales representative for another company, but that is on the side. If you are a sales representative for a direct sales company, our Terms of Use require that you disclose that to us either when you apply to offer a service or when you become a sales rep at another company, if that happens after you join Pepperlane. 

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