Pepperlane Membership Guidelines

Pepperlane offers group coaching, events and community designed to support mothers building independent businesses that fit their lives

Our mission is to help moms grow a business for themselves, not by themselves. We do this through group coaching, events and community. Pepperlane is a place to learn and grow. Pepperlane is not a place to market your services. Often members post looking for specific assistance and that is a great way to find new clients, but we frown on any overt marketing (and hate spamming).  

Right now we are primarily focused on providing resources to support members who are building independent service businesses, but if you make products and you find value in what Pepperlane offers, you're welcome to become a member. You can always attend a free Boost to see if Pepperlane is right for you. 

Can I promote commercial products or multi-level marketing (MLM) companies on Pepperlane? 

Nope. But you are welcome to join if you are building a business with an unrelated service! If you represent a commercial product or a network marketing company, we also ask that you agree not to solicit your Pepperlane clients via that company‚Äôs email list, engage your clients via that company on social media, or use them as recruiting leads. Additionally, we ask that you agree not to solicit the Pepperlane community in our groups or at our events. Simply put, we ask that you keep the two separate.

What if I own a brick-and-mortar business?   

We primarily focus on service businesses but much of our coaching and content is relevant. We would recommend you check out a free Boost and see if Pepperlane is a fit.  

Can I become a member if I work for another company, like a real estate agency?
If you're also starting your own independent business (or thinking about it), sure! Remember, Pepperlane is not a place to market your services. It is a place to learn and grow.