Pepperlane Membership Guidelines

Pepperlane offers community, tools and resources designed to support mothers to build independent businesses that fit their lives
Our mission is to equip you with everything you need to earn money from the amazing skills you've built through the journey of life and motherhood. You can learn all about what we offer by visiting our Membership page, and browse members' businesses to get a sense for the types of business-owners that benefit from membership in Pepperlane. And yes, it's totally okay to join if you are not a mom!  

Right now we are primarily focused on providing resources to support members who are building independent service businesses, but if you make products and you find value in what Pepperlane offers, you're welcome to become a member. 

What services are eligible for membership?
We currently welcome business owners that offer the following services:

Home & family support

Meal Planning & Preparation
House Cleaning
Home Organization
Interior Design & Decorating
Party Planning
Financial Advising
Personal & Family Assistance

Business support

Business Virtual Assistants

Business Consulting & Coaching

Marketing & Sales

Tax Preparation 

Accounting & Bookkeeping 

Project Management

Event Planning

Web & Graphic Design

Writing & Editing 

Business Photography & Videography

Help for kids

Tutoring, Classes & Activities 
Infant & Early Childhood Services
Adolescent Coaching
College Admissions


Creative Arts & Services
Sewing & Alteration
Floral, Garden, & Yard Design
Custom Gifts

Personal care

Life Coaching
Career Coaching & Resumes
Personal Training
Nutrition & Health Coaching
Alternative and Complementary Therapies
Mindful Practices
Massage Therapy
Prenatal/Labor & Postpartum
Personal Styling
Hair & Makeup Styling

Not seeing your business category on the list? We’d love to hear more about your service offerings to ensure you can get the most out of a Pepperlane membership! Email us at

Can I promote commercial products or multi-level marketing (MLM) companies on Pepperlane?
Nope. But you are welcome to offer an unrelated service! Here are  6 ideas to help you get started.  

If you represent a commercial product or a network marketing company, we also ask that you agree not to solicit your Pepperlane clients via that company’s email list, engage your clients via that company on social media, or use them as recruiting leads. Additionally, we ask that you agree not to solicit the Pepperlane community in our groups or at our events. Simply put, we ask that you keep the two separate.

Are there other products or services that cannot be offered or promoted on Pepperlane?
Yes. At this stage, the following products and services may not be offered, sold or promoted on Pepperlane: Any medical products or services, any psychological products or services, and any legal products or services. We hope that over time we will be able to allow members to offer and sell additional products and services. However, if you are a medical or legal professional and would like to join us to offer an unrelated service or just to help support and build your local community on Pepperlane, please do!

What if I own a brick-and-mortar business?   
We love local businesses, and we often partner with local businesses to host Pepperlane events. If you're interested in hosting a Pepperlane event to help promote your business, please get in touch by email at

Can I become a member if I work for another company, like a real estate agency?
If you're also starting your own independent business (or thinking about it), sure! If you are an employee, contractor or agent for a company you don't own, like a real estate agency, nanny placement agency, etc., and you'd like to promote your company's services, please contact us at

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