What do I get when I join Pepperlane?

When you become a paid Pepperlane member, you get:

  1. Full access to the Pepperlane Pathway program; a daily training plan for your business that helps you focus on one thing a day to move your business forward (with the support of a like-minded group of business owners).
  2. Membership in a supportive community of moms who meet up in person to network and learn at local events, give each other advice and feedback on services in our online community, buy and sell from each other in our marketplace, and more.
  3. A beautiful online presence that's simple to set up, search-engine optimized and mobile-friendly. Here's an example. Your Pepperlane profile serves as your listing in Pepperlane's Marketplace and helps us to find clients for you (based on demand) via our Matchmaking program.

    (Plus, if you're just getting started, you don't have to spend time or money to come up with a business name and logo, build your own custom website, etc. It's all the website you need to get yourself out there, refine your service offering, and start getting customers!)
  4. Tools that help you manage your business around your life, like secure messaging (you don't need to expose your contact info), the ability to easily send invoices and get paid online via credit card, and automatic follow up with customers for testimonials. 
  5. Discounts on our paid events and courses, plus opportunities to promote your business to the wider Pepperlane audience 

Here's where you apply to join.

We'd also love to hear from you about what you need from us. You can email us your thoughts anytime at  hello@pepperlane.co. We really do read everything you send us, so please don't be shy about asking for what you need!

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