What do I get when I join Pepperlane?

When you become a paid Pepperlane member, you get:

  1. Pepperlane Boosts:  Bring your latest challenge to a 90-minute Pepperlane Boost session. Get input and guidance from up to 10 other smart, motivated business owners and a skilled facilitator. Make useful connections and walk away with new energy to get stuff done.  Attend one Boost every month.  
  2. Pepperlane Community:  Our private Facebook community is a uniquely supportive and active community for moms who are serious about starting or growing their businesses.   Share, discuss, exchange advice, get support, make friends. 
  3. Educational and other Events:  Choose your own adventure from a variety of events designed to deepen your skills, expand your thinking and inform your business growth.  
  4. Discount and priority access for Journeys:  Get early access and a 10% member discount  on our revolutionary new group-coaching program designed to help mom entrepreneurs like you shift your mindset and reimagine your business to achieve your vision of success.  
  5. An optional online Profile:  You can create beautiful online presence that's simple to set up, search-engine optimized and mobile-friendly. Here's an example.  You can use this profile as a way to market your business, directing traffic directly to your unique Pepperlane url.  

Here's where you get started ..

We'd also love to hear from you about what you need from us. You can email us your thoughts anytime at  hello@pepperlane.co. We really do read everything you send us, so please don't be shy about asking for what you need!

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