How do I make my Pepperlane profile public?

Once you have completed the required elements of your profile and paid for your membership, you'll be able to make your Pepperlane profile public. (Until then, only you can see the information you put into Pepperlane.)

Edit or change your visibility

You can edit your visibility on your  Dashboard.

Click the section called 'PROFILE', and you'll see a toggle that lets you set whether or not your pages are currently public. 

My page is visible but my services aren’t showing up.

To see your services on your page and to have them come up in search results:

  1. Your page must be visible (see above).
  2. Your service must be published, not a draft.

Change your service's publishing settings

Choose the service you want to change and click the pencil to edit it. (All changes will be saved automatically.) 

At the top of the edit service page, click "Publish" to make your service visible on your public page and in search results.

If your service is already published, you may instead see the option “Unpublish”. This will remove your service from your public page, but you can continue to edit it.

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