Why should I share my Pepperlane profile or services? How can I share my page?

Here are two easy ways to share your profile: 

  1. Use Pepperlane's Facebook Marketing tools to share your profile on Facebook. (We'll walk you through it!)
  2. From your Profile, Service or Project page, click on the Share icon to share your profile to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Twitter, Email or just copy the link.

Why should I share my business?

The idea of sharing yourself with other people can be scary – whether it's on social media or in real life. This can be especially true if you're new to your business or new to Pepperlane. But sharing what you do with people outside of Pepperlane is important for a few reasons.

  • Your number of friends on Facebook or followers on Twitter does not equal the true size of your network. We're so much more connected than you might think, and you never know what customers you could reach if you just put it out into the world.
  • We all need encouragement. Even if they might not be your next customers, give your online followers a chance to show you a little love with a 'like' when you share your service or page on social media. 
  • Everyone needs a reason to post, so here are some great excuses to share:
    • To introduce your business for the first time.
    • To introduce a new or updated service offering.
    • To ask friends if they know anyone who can use your service(s).
    • To highlight a seasonal or time-sensitive service (like holiday wrapping services or a discount).
    • To publicly thank people who helped you get started (for example a friend who inspired your business, tested your services, or a loved one).
    • To highlight a service that you completed for a client.
    • To promote a friend who is also a member.
    • To promote a service that you personally enjoyed.

Tips for sharing your services

1) Make it come from a personal place. When sharing from your own social media accounts, make it authentic, it should come from *you* and not your business. Share from places where people find you currently, don't stress about making a special business page on Facebook if you don't have one already.

2) Make it purposeful. Say a little about why you posted to keep from getting lost in a sea of shared links. It helps if you tell your followers what to do with the link you sent. "Send me a message", "Tell a friend", or "Ask me for details", are just some of the actions you can include in your post.

3) Keep it simple.

If you'd like to go deeper on the topic of where, how and when to share about your business, make sure to check out the Pepperlane Pathway program.

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