Photo Guidelines

So you’ve decided to become a member and list your business on Pepperlane -- great! But now you need some photos that show off your services. Easy if you’re a photographer, but what about if you run errands?

Here are 3 rules and some guidelines to help you take or select photos that will make you and your services look their best on Pepperlane.

The Three Hard-and-Fast Rules

  1. Don’t misrepresent yourself or your service
    For example, don’t use a photo of someone else as your profile photo. Don’t pass off someone else’s work as yours. It’s okay to use a photo that represents the type of work you do, like a stock photo of someone getting a massage for a massage therapist, but we prefer to see original images of you and your work as much as possible.
  2. Only use photos you have the right to use
    If you’re going to post a photo on Pepperlane, you must have the right to use it. That means either you took the photo yourself, hired a photographer, paid for a stock photo, found a stock photo that is free for commercial use… you get the idea. Doing a Google Image search is great for inspiration, but please make sure you have or obtain the rights to any photo you upload to Pepperlane, otherwise we’ll be required to suspend your profile.
  3. Don’t use any inappropriate photos
    This probably wouldn’t even occur to you, but it still has to be said. No nudity, pornography, graphic images, etc. If it’s “not safe for work”, it doesn’t belong on Pepperlane.


Your Profile Photo (Round)

This should be a nice headshot of you (really you! not someone else or your kids!). This photo will show up in your messages to clients and when you interact with other members in our Members' Forum community. 

Your Primary Photo (4:3 or 3:4)

If you have only one photo on Pepperlane, this is the one. Your primary photo is shown on your About page and will show up in search results for your services if you don’t have individual photos for each service.

These are the types of photos we recommend for your Primary Photo:

Action Shot
A photo of you “in action” providing your service. This type of photo is ideal because it helps other members connect with you as a person and connect you with what you do.   

Head Shot
If you don’t have a good action shot, a nice headshot will do. (We recommend that you avoid using a selfie, since it won't look as professional.) It’s great to show some warmth and personality here. If you go this route, make sure you’re actually using a picture of you, not your celebrity doppelganger or just your kids. Ideally it's clear from the photo who you are (e.g. it's not a big group shot), but please don’t half-crop out anyone’s head to get this shot (!) 

Your Service Photos (8:3 and 4:3)

Your service photos help potential buyers to connect with you and your service. We recommend using a photo that represents what you offer either directly -- e.g., a photo of your finished work or work in progress -- or indirectly. You could also use a nice illustration, or include your logo here.

Service photos are displayed in three primary places: 

  1. In search results
    Make sure to visit the “ Hire a Mom” page to see how service photos are displayed in search results.
  2. On your "About" page
    Your first service photo will be displayed to the right of your Primary Photo, so think about how they'll look next to each other.
  3. On the page for an individual service

A word of warning... 
In order to create an online presence that looks great across multiple devices and browser widths, we'll need to crop your photos to different aspect ratios automatically. This can be problematic if you add text to your photo or create a collage. For the greatest flexibility, we recommend against embellishing your photos with text or creating multi-photo images.

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