What happens when I request a payment from someone?

Sending a Payment Request
When you enable payments on your Pepperlane account and request a payment, you'll be prompted to specify:

  • The recipient
  • The amount you want to charge, and
  • A description of the charges

Pepperlane will then automatically generate a simple invoice and send your customer an email notification about your request.

What your customer will see
Your customer will receive an email with the details of your payment request, and they'll be able to pay you by clicking a link in the email to securely submit their payment information. 

When and how will I get paid?

When your customer pays you via credit or debit card, they'll automatically receive an email receipt, and you'll receive a notification of the payment by email. 

When the payment clears, funds will automatically be transferred to your bank account according to the settings in your  Stripe account

You can see the status of your outstanding payment requests on your  Payments page.   

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