How are chargebacks and disputed charges handled?

Each individual service provider on Pepperlane is responsible for managing chargebacks and disputes as a result of payments she accepts through Pepperlane and Stripe. 

Stripe has a formal dispute process by which a service provider can provide evidence to prove the validity of a disputed charge. Stripe will charge the service provider $15 per disputed charge, which is refunded if the dispute is found to be in the service provider's favor after a review of evidence by the cardholder's bank.  

If you're notified of a disputed charge on your  Stripe account, get in touch with your customer right away to understand why he or she disputed the charge. It may just be because she didn't recognize the line item on her credit card bill, in which case you can request that she withdraw the dispute. 

The best way to avoid disputed charges is to communicate politely and clearly with your customers about what you are charging and why. 

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