How to create your Stripe account to accept payments

In order to accept payments from customers on Pepperlane, you'll need to create an account with our third-party payment processor, Stripe. You can do this by visiting the Pepperlane Payments page (once you are a paid member with a complete online profile).

We'll briefly take you over to Stripe to create your account and bring you back to Pepperlane when you're done. We try to fill in as much of the Stripe form for you as we can, but please double-check the information there to make sure it's accurate for the purposes of verifying your identity. 

Here's a handy list of all of the fields in the Stripe account form (and what they mean) in case you get stuck. 

Where are you based?

Fortunately, they start with a softball question. Currently, Pepperlane only offers membership to service providers in the US.

Your product

Just a quick sentence about what you do. This is for Stripe's internal use. 

Account details

If you haven't set up a separate business entity, choose "Individual / Sole Proprietor" and skip the EIN field. Enter your home mailing address and your Pepperlane website (we'll pre-fill this for you)

Your personal details

We'll also pre-fill some of this info for you, but Stripe will use this information to validate your identity, so please check that it's accurate. 

Credit card statement details

This is the name and phone number that will show up on your customers' credit card statements when you accept a payment. For "Business name you could list your name, your business name if you have one, or your Pepperlane URL. 

If you're not comfortable including your phone number here, we suggest getting a free  Google Voice number that will forward to the phone of your choice.

Bank details

This is the bank account where your money will be deposited when you accept a payment, so please make sure it's accurate! 

Almost done! Save your Stripe account

Another password!!?!!? Yes, we're afraid so. Sorry about that. 

You need a separate password to log in to Stripe directly. Stripe will allow you to see your full payment history and manage transactions. But don't worry, you'll be able to access your Stripe account from your Pepperlane dashboard whenever you need to. 

When you click "Authorize access to this account", you'll be taken back to your  Pepperlane Dashboard and you'll be ready to start requesting and accepting payments! Yay!

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