How does Pepperlane calculate views of my profile?

When your Pepperlane profile is live, you'll get a weekly email from us showing you the number of views your pages have received. We send this email so that you can have some sense of whether or not your site is getting any traffic, and so you can start to understand whether views are leading to customer contacts. 

How views are calculated
There are two types of views we use to calculate your weekly total. First, we count all of the views from anonymous users (people who are not logged in to Pepperlane), then we add in unique views from Pepperlane members. (We don't count you viewing your own Pepperlane pages towards the weekly total.) 

If someone who is not logged in to Pepperlane visits your pages 5 times, that will count as 5 views (because we can't tell it's the same person), so that may inflate your weekly count. If a logged-in Pepperlane member visits your site 5 times, it will only count as 1 view.

What leads to higher numbers of views?
The most common reason that you might have a higher number of views on a given week is that you've shared your Pepperlane pages! We've seen many members generate upwards of 100 visits to their Pepperlane site with a single Facebook share. If you tell your friends and family what you're up to, they'll want to help you find more customers! 

When Pepperlane gets attention in the press, you might see an increase in views because we just have a larger number of people checking out the site. Your site is also discoverable in Google searches (try searching for your name) and through our Hire a Mom marketplace, so you may see higher #s of views if you're showing up in search results. 

If you'd like more detailed data on where your profile views are originating, let us know! 

How can I tell who's looking?
At this moment, this information is considered private.  Honoring privacy is an important value to Pepperlane. We are in the process of building privacy guards to enable visitors to opt in to share this information, and customize privacy settings.   Rest assured that as Pepperlane grows, we will be adding more and more sophisticated reporting and networking features to accommodate our members' needs.