How do I set up text notifications on my Pepperlane account?

Now you can set up text notifications on your Pepperlane account to make sure you never miss an inquiry from a new customer! 

How it works
When you receive an inquiry from a new customer on Pepperlane, you'll get a text notification alerting you about the new lead. You can then respond via Pepperlane Messages.  (Don't worry, you'll still get a copy of the message in your email as well.) 

After the initial message from a new customer, subsequent messages will be sent via email without text notifications. You can always see a record of all the contacts from your Pepperlane website by logging into your account and visiting Pepperlane Messages.

How to set up text notifications

To add text notifications, go to Account Settings from your Dashboard. Make sure your phone number is correct, then check "Send text notifications." 

We'll confirm your phone number, then send you a text with a 4-digit verification code. Once you've entered the 4-digit code to confirm your number, you're good to go! The next time you receive a message from a new customer on Pepperlane, you'll get a text to notify you.

How to turn off text notifications

You can also turn off text notifications in Account Settings. Just uncheck the checkbox labeled "Send text notifications" and click "Save Changes".