How do I create Projects to show off my work on Pepperlane?

What is a Project?

Pepperlane Projects allow you to show off your work to potential customers. 

Every time you perform a service for a customer, you can create a Project to describe your work: why you were hired, what you delivered, and how it benefited your customer. In the first release of Projects, you can include up to 10 photos and testimonials with your Project to help potential customers connect with the type of work you do. 

In future releases, we'll add additional functionality like sharing videos and other types of documents as part of your project. (If there's an improvement you'd like to see, please let us know at 

How to create Projects

You can create Projects by visiting your  Pepperlane Dashboard clicking "Profile", then clicking on "Add a new project". (It's particularly handy to do this from your mobile  phone, since you can snap pictures to add on the spot!) 

Add a Project Navigation

Add a New Project Form

Anatomy of a Project

Below is an example project for a service called "Learn to run". The title, "Sarah runs her first race!" helps potential clients understand what type of project this was. The description gives the details of the service provided, and the photos add some fun color to the project. Make sure to ask your customer which details are OK to share, and if they're willing to give you a testimonial, since they really help potential customers feel more comfortable trusting you with their time and money!

Example project

Sharing Projects

Projects are designed to be easy to share to Facebook, via email, or via your favorite social network. When you finish creating your Project, make sure to share it inside of Pepperlane and with your network to help drive interested buyers to check out your work!

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