How can I get my business to be featured in a particular category?

We've expanded our list of service categories! Once your profile is live on Pepperlane, here’s how you can make sure your business gets listed in the categories you want it to show up in:

  1. Take a look at the categories on our "Hire A Mom" page, and click through to the ones where you’d like to see your business listed
  2. If your business is already there — hooray, you’re done! If not, just take note of the keyword that shows up in the search box when you click on the category you want. For example, when you click on career coaching, you'll see the keyword "Career Coach" in the search box:

  3. Next, head over to your  Pepperlane Dashboard and click on the Profile link to see a list of your services. Click the Pencil icon next to the service you want to edit, and make sure that the keyword you selected shows up somewhere in your service title or description.

  4. Now try clicking on the same category again from the Hire a Mom page; you should see your business pop to the top of the list!  

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