How to Access a Zoom Meeting

How Do I Access a Zoom Meeting?

Zoom is a video conference application used for:

  • Online Pepperlane Boost Events
  • Pathway Cohort Meet-and-Greets

Note: Zoom is best accessed from your desktop or laptop computer. It can be accessed on a mobile device but works best on a computer.

Zoom is an application that should be downloaded and installed prior to your scheduled meeting, to avoid delays.

How to Download and Install Zoom

1. Go to

2. Click Download

3. The file will download and you should click on it, which will initiate installing it.

4. Click Continue (This is a screenshot from an Apple computer. Your prompt may be a little different.)

5. Once the installation is complete, you’ll be able to join Zoom meetings. 

How to Join a Zoom Meeting

  1. Click on the link within the meeting invite (Example 1). Or, manually join by going to and enter the meeting number sent to you in the meeting invite (Example 2).

Example 1

Example 2