How do I get more prospects?

Be Prospect-Centered

Be clear on who you serve. Keep the focus on your prospect’s pain point & the transformation they will have working with you. Why are they looking for you? What problem do you solve for them? 

Write an Impact Statement for EACH service.

Impact Statement/Quote Template 1: 

I work with clients to (what you do) so that (transformation they will have working with you).

Impact Statement/Quote Template 2: 

I help (who you help) by (what you do) so that (transformation they will have working with you)


  • Cat Camera: “I am passionate about helping people transform their homes into a place that supports their ideal life. I work with clients to declutter and organize their homes so they can lead happier lives.”
  • Christine Dorsey: “Offering customized solutions that fit your schedule, Bizzie Girl helps busy people reduce their tasks and organize their homes. My goal is to provide ease and flow in your life and home so you can enjoy more quality time for yourself and your family.”
  • Devon Grilly: “Are you feeling unfulfilled at work, or uncertain about what direction your next pivot should take? I help women rock the mid-career pivot by finding ways to honor their passions, values, and create the impact they want to make with more energy and joy.”
  • Robyn White: “I help coaches with their website design and e-mail marketing so they have more energy to spend on what they love - helping their clients.

Be Thorough but Concise

Make your About & Service Descriptions scannable and concise. Use bullet points where possible.

Make sure your descriptions are complete and thorough. Visitors will appreciate having all the information they need to make a quick decision. (See Service Description template here)

Choose a Category for Each Service

We’ve added categories. Choose the best fit for your service.

List Pricing 

We’ve seen that listing pricing leads to more inquiries. If you are not comfortable listing pricing, consider using “starting at…” or a range.

Have a Clear Call to Action

Have a Call to Action (CTA) in your service description.. What is the next action you want them to take? Lead them to that ONE next step. How can they get started right away?

Choose Great Photos

Use high resolution photos that share your story. When possible, use your own photos. You can also use stock images. 


  • This photo should be of you (aspect ratio is 4:3 
    • 4:3 =  512px  x 384px
  • You can create this on Canva (if you need help, send an email with your photo to


  • This photo should be related to your service (aspect ratio is 4:3)
    • 4:3 = 768px x 576px
  • Use your own photos if you have them. 
  • You can find free stock images at

Build Trust

Be sure to include client testimonials and when possible, and you can turn those testimonials into a great customer story on your Portfolio

If your work is visual, use images: Before and after, finished product, etc. (Ex Becky Bast & Lauren D’Agostino)

People buy from people

Why are you the right person to serve them? You can sprinkle in your experience and track record.

When possible, weave in how your personality and interests help you do your work better and bonus points for making them laugh!